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The Jaliyaa Project:
Stories untold, Connections Unfold.

Ghana 2024

"Empowering Young Minds, Building Global Bridges"

Embark on a transformative 25-week cultural education program designed to inspire and empower young men aged 13-15 in Washington, D.C. Our innovative curriculum explores African heritage and fosters community engagement, culminating in a life-changing journey to Ghana. Integral to our mission is the collaboration with Howard University students, who provide mentorship and contribute to a rich, intercultural learning experience. This partnership not only enriches the program but also bridges the gap between university students and the local community, creating a cohesive and dynamic educational environment. The Jaliyaa Project is committed to shaping informed, connected, and culturally aware young leaders through this unique blend of local involvement and global exploration.


Program Overview

A Journey of Discovery

  1. Discovering African Heritage: Engaging storytelling workshops and local cultural experiences.

  2. Exploring African Empires: In-depth learning about historical African empires, supplemented by educational trips in D.C.

  3. Celebrating Modern African Culture: Interactive sessions on contemporary African cultures, with a focus on Ghana.

  4. Pre-Travel Engagement: Preparing for our immersive Ghana experience with ethical travel and cultural sensitivity workshops.

The Ghana Experience

Our program culminates in a 10-day immersive trip to Ghana, where participants engage with local communities, explore historical sites, and experience the culture firsthand.

Get Involved

Join Our Cause

Your support can make a world of difference:

  • Donate: Every contribution helps us provide these life-changing experiences to more young men.

  • Volunteer: Share your expertise, mentor a participant, or help coordinate program activities.

Why Support Us?

  • Impact Lives: Your contribution directly impacts the lives of young men in D.C., empowering them to become community leaders and global citizens.

  • Community Strength: By supporting The Jaliyaa Project, you're investing in the strength and unity of our local and global community.

Contact Us For more information or to join our mission, please contact us at

About Us

The Jaliyaa Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to forging meaningful connections between Africa and its diaspora. At the heart of our mission is the power of storytelling - a tool we use to bridge cultures, histories, and communities. We are committed to supporting individuals in Africa with initiatives aimed at providing food, shelter, and engaging activities, along with essential support services. Simultaneously, we empower our community in the United States through education and awareness, ensuring they are informed and connected to their heritage. The Jaliyaa Project is more than an organization; it's a movement towards greater understanding and unity within the global African community.

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